Postcolonial Practice of Interfaith With-ness

Christian Expropriations from India


  • Baiju Markose Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth Seminary



postcolonial, interfaith practice , interfaith intersectionality , with-ness, empire , India


An attempt to develop the postcolonial practice of interfaith with-ness as a means of radical protest and resistance against the religious fundamentalism and crony capitalism in India has enormous significance today. The postcolonial practice of interfaith with-ness is not only a theoretical postulation but also a radical with-ness (being with) shared with the religious others. The idea proposes a radical politics of recognition, politics of difference, and politics of creative dialogue, rather than an apolitical “practice of tolerance” on which the traditional idea of interreligious dialogue is grounded. As a humble attempt, several Christian expropriations of the idea are being voiced in this essay with a spirit of religious confidentiality. And, the study uses empire criticism and intersectionality as the primary analytical tools.


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Author Biography

Baiju Markose, Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth Seminary

Rev. Dr. Baiju Markose is the professor of Religions in Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth Seminary, Faridabad, India. He authored many academic books, including Rhizomatic Reflections: Discourses on Religion and Theology (Eugene: Wipf&Stock, 2018). Currently, he serves as the academic dean at Dharma Jyoti.


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